"The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

"The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2 "The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

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“A strong consistent style which is melodic, expressively played, and has the simplicity of folk, the rhythmic excitement of jazz, and the refinement of classical music.” 


“Lydon has a riveting, powerful voice — a critic once called her, ‘The Lauren Bacall of folk music.’ — and a sure virtuosic touch on the 12-string and harp, which she even plays simultaneously.” 

Mike Starling


“She of the Taboresque voice and the spellbinding way with stringed instruments. Ariane Lydon writes songs that bring out the mythic and archetypal in everyday issues – corporate greed, broken relationships, escaping the cold, war in the world. It’s something in the way she puts words together and then surrounds them with a web of sound.” 

Andy’s Front Hall, NY (“Andy Recommends”) 


You are still one of my favorite artists ;-)

Laney Goodman, Women on Air, Boston MA


“I’ve always loved her music. Ariane’s songs become universal in their sound because listeners begin to experience a language of visual images. And it is through her music that Ariane brings a genuine passion for the world as her gift from a life of observing.”

Jim Hallberg, Program Director WDRT Radio


“Absolutely original…destined for greatness.”

Steve Perry

5EBI-FM, Adelaide, SA Australia


“This is a voice the world needs to hear.”
Lena Spencer - Caffé Lena, NY


Lydon has performed in over 200 listening venues throughout North America, including:


Big Top Chautauqua, WI

Bound for Glory, NY

Café Carpe, WI

Caffe Lena, NY

Cedarburg Cultural Center, WI

Club Passim, MA

Focal Point, MO

Xavier Performing Arts Ctr, WI

   (With Cherish The Ladies)

Folkstage, WMFT, IL 

Fox Valley Folk Festival, IL

Friends of Florida Folk, FL

Grand River Folk Arts Soc., MI 

Great River Folk Fest, WI

Harmony for Mayo, MN

Institute of Musical Trads, MD

Iron Horse Concert Hall, KS

JM Kohler Art Center, WI

Kentucky Music Fest, KY

KUNI, Cedar Falls, IA

Little General Theater, GA

Black Hawk Folk Society, WI

Maharishi Int’l. University, IA

Maple Street Chapel, IL

Michael Stock / WLRN, FL

Milwaukee Irish Fest, WI

Minstrel Show, NJ

Niagara Ctr for the Arts, NY

Ravenswood Concerts, IL 

St. Mary’s Univ., MN  

   (With John Paulson’s Big Band) 

Renaissance Concerts, IL

River City Folk, NE

Sarasota Folk Club, FL

Scottsdale Perf. Arts Ctr, AZ

South Salem Library, NY

The Ark, MI

Barton Arts Center, KS

The Morning Show, MPR MN

The Pump House Arts Ctr, WI

   (With L.Dalton and T.Nirva)

Two Way St. Coffee House, IL

UW-Waukesha Perf. Arts Ctr, WI

Winnipeg Folk Festival, CAN

Winona Ctr for the Arts, MN

Woodsongs, KY 

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"Music for the soul of a global community."  Ariane Lydon