"The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

"The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2 "The voice an angel would kill for." Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

Livestreamed Concert From La Crosse, WI USA  Fri. May 1 at 3:00pm CST

About Ariane Lydon


Singer, Songwriter, Performer

"Ariane is one funny, funny girl who can make 2,000 people roar with laughter."

Joanie Madden, Cherish the Ladies

"Her deep, smoky voice has hints of June Tabor and Frankie Armstrong. It’s an alluring voice singing equally alluring poetry... 'Winter's Run' may be the most poetic snowbird ballad ever penned."

Rich Warren, The Midnight Special and Folkstage, WFMT 98.7, Chicago 


“A superb performance by the multi-talented Ariane Lydon. Lydon closed her show at the Jubilee Theater to a standing ovation and encore as the audience chanted, “One more! One more!”

Cindi Elli, The Marshfield Mail


Recording Artist

“What sets the album apart is Lydon’s lovely voice…” 

Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

"Of all the CDs that come through – you know, hundreds of them – I put yours on and you broke my heart. Put a crack in it, like Leonard Cohen says.”

Warren Nelson, Big Top Chautauqua


"Her voice has an unusual quality that is hard to describe. If Judy Collins' voice were a crystal clear stream, Lydon's voice, equally as alluring, would have a little mud and some catfish swimming around."

Lee Armstrong


Writer, Composer, Instrumentalist

"Gorgeous dark alto vocalist and bold musician. As a singer songwriter her songs balance passion and serenity, betrayal and ecstasy, playfulness and depth. There is simply no one like her. She’s dancing with the whole thing, and in the listening, we find we are as well."

Andrew Calhoun, Waterbug Records

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"Music for the soul of a global community."  Ariane Lydon